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EzAttendancePro (Time & Attendance Software)

EzAttendancePro Software makes maintaining the attendance and leaves data easy, simple and faster by incorporating dynamic masters based on the company’s organizational structure; defines various groups to govern late coming, week off, overtime policies, compensatory off policies, paid holidays and so on.


  • Complete web based software.
  • Automated Data Processing.
  • Centralized Data repository with minimal data redundancy.
  • Can create unlimited users with restricted user rights.
  • User defined dynamic Masters depending on the organization structure.
  • User defined Legends for Leaves & Attendance.
  • Track attendance of field employees using Mobile APP.
  • Apply Leave/ Outdoor application thru mobile app with approval facility.
  • Track location details using mobile APP.
  • Auto Email Notification for Shift wise current day headcount, late coming report, working hours report, absentee report, monthly timecard report etc.
  • Integration with AD for single sign on.
  • Lay off day.
  • Swapping of weekly off.
  • Kiosk based solution for workers to apply leave applications.


  • Attendance report for all.
  • Time card report.
  • Current day headcount report.
  • Swipe report.
  • Attendance summary report.
  • Muster report.
  • Continuous presenteeism / absenteeism report.
  • Leave register report.
  • Leave balance report.
  • Overtime report.
  • Compensatory off report.
  • Audit report.
  • Active user report.
  • Left employees report.
  • Hiring report.
  • User defined report.


  • Online portal for employees to view attendance, apply leaves/ outdoor application, Over Time, Compensatory off etc.
  • Integration with active directory for single sign on.
  • Two level of electronic approval process for each application.
  • View attendance for self/ team members.
  • Apply leave/outdoor application on behalf of reportees.
  • Reminder alert to reporting manager’s for pending applications.
  • Dashboard to quick access of summary data, view current headcount, future headcount etc.
  • View monthly shift schedule online
  • Uploading of shift roster, managing shifts online
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