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Exam Management Software is is an online exam software product developed by Reputable Technologies which provides a robust platform for online exam. Digital Pariksha provides innovative and impeccable solutions for exam throughout various colleges, universities, educational institutions and also many leading corporate entities. This software is promoted by highly qualified team and specialized in creating high impact online exam software which is highly efficient in terms of reliability and speed.
EzExam offer an integrated package of software applications for online exams, offline exams, lab based exams, center based exams and many more. Digital Pariksha aims at helping the students as well as the clients such as companies and universities to transcend the time constraints and geographical boundaries with highly skilled administrator and monitor. Complete and clear information on exam is available on the portal.

Benefit Of Exam Management Software

Get an email and app notifications when someone tries to copy paste, print screen or multiple login attempts.

Backup most essential data and reports in Excel files. Export questions, test results and performance reports.

Advanced analytics that provides in-depth, informative reports for each exam, item, section, candidate or performance.

Generate beautiful and print-ready PDF reports. Print the exams and reports making optimum use of paper and ink.

The best-in-class phone and email support available for crucial exams. Conduct tests with confidence.

Upload question bank in large size using Excel file in one go. The best and easy offline authoring tool for exams.

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