DRDO's Research Center Imarat

Project :Customized ERP Software for DRDO's Research Center Imarat, Hyderabad

DRDO's Research Center Imarat (RCI) is a premier defense research laboratory located in Hyderabad, India. RCI is involved in the development of advanced defense technologies and systems. To streamline their operations and enhance security measures, RCI required a customized ERP software solution. This case study presents the development and implementation of the ERP software, addressing various modules and integration requirements.

Project Overview:

DRDO's RCI aimed to develop an ERP software solution to manage their complex operations efficiently. The key requirements included improved security measures, labor registration management, visitor management system, integration with existing in-house ERP, and generating comprehensive MIS reports. Additionally, integration with Rosslare Hardware's was necessary to ensure seamless access control and key management.

Development Process:

The development process of the customized ERP software involved several stages, including requirement gathering, system design, development, testing, and deployment. The development team collaborated closely with RCI stakeholders to ensure that all project requirements were captured accurately and translated into functional modules.

Functional Modules:

Entry/Exit Gates Display: The ERP software incorporated 55-inch displays at entry/exit gates to showcase vehicle and personnel details. This feature enhanced security and enabled smooth entry/exit procedures by providing real-time information to security personnel.

Kiosk Application for Security Users: The ERP software included a labor registration module to streamline the process of registering and managing laborers' details. This module facilitated the efficient allocation and tracking of labor resources for various projects undertaken by RCI.

Visitor Management System:
Security Module: Enhanced security measures by capturing visitor details, generating visitor passes, and managing visitor access permissions.
ESS Module: Provided self-service capabilities to visitors, allowing them to update their information and manage their visits efficiently. Appointment Check Kiosk Module: Enabled visitors to check their appointment details and streamlined the check-in process.

Locker Management Integration: Integration with the visitor management system enabled seamless integration with locker management. This feature allowed authorized visitors to access lockers securely and conveniently during their visit to RCI.

Key Management Login Integration: The ERP software integrated with the visitor management system to provide secure key management functionality. Authorized personnel could log in to the system, track key assignments, and maintain a comprehensive key inventory.

Registration Module: The ERP software included registration modules for individuals and vehicles. These modules captured and maintained detailed information about personnel and vehicles associated with RCI.

Integration with Rosslare Hardware's:

To enhance access control and key management, the ERP software integrated with Rosslare Hardware's systems. This integration allowed for efficient management of physical access to RCI's premises, ensuring high levels of security.


The development and implementation of the customized ERP software for DRDO's Research Center Imarat in Hyderabad addressed the diverse requirements of the defense projects. The ERP software facilitated enhanced security measures, streamlined labor and visitor management, integration with existing systems, and provided comprehensive MIS reports. The integration with Rosslare Hardware's further enhanced access control and key management. The successful implementation of the ERP software greatly contributed to improving operational efficiency and security at RCI.